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Saturday, June 23 2018 @ 14:28 BST

Stonewall Report

 A report from Stonewall on Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People entitled "In Later Life".

Stonewall has commissioned YouGov to survey a sample of 1,050 heterosexual and 1,036 lesbian,gay and bisexual people over the age of 55 across Britain. The survey asked about their experiences of getter older. It also asked what they think they will need and the support they would like to be receive from health and social care.

The contents has sections on:

                                        1. The facts of older life

                                        2. Dealing with getting older

                                        3. Feeling secure

                                        4. Staying healthy

                                        5. Looking for support

                                        6. What lesbian,gay bisexual people want in later life

                                            and Recommendations

The report is available on the Stonewall website www.stonewall.org.uk and you can also order copies from them.